Ultra Carbide LLC was established in Spring 2001 with a central warehouse in Michigan to provide better availability and expedited delivery for our North American customers. In 2005 a warehouse in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada followed to expand our services for the Canadian customer base.

Ultra Carbide’s manufacturing division consists of two plants that are completely separate entities: Konrad Friedrichs GmbH & Co Kg in Kulmbach, Bavaria and G-Elit Hard Materials in Berlin – one of the world’s largest facilities of its kind.

During the last 2 decades, we have been supplying leading cutting tool manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada directly through these two manufacturing facilities. Our principal focus is on carbide-rods for the production of rotary tools, and special parts to customer specifications, so called components. As a result of our patented technologies we are able to meet the vast majority of our customers’ requirements. Regardless of the architecture, single central duct, parallel straight coolant duct or helical coolant ducts with up to 5 ducts, Ultra Carbide offers various duct diameters, bolt-circles, and helix angles.